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Please add a option Automatic Thread Tagger, When a user submits a new thread this will automatically take keywords from the thread title and use these as tags. Automatic Thread Tagger to propose the user AJAX tags for his new thread, or it assigns new tags after saving the new thread.
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Available now in if you don't want to wait to see if your suggestion gets implemented.
Looks good but I don't think that's quite the same, as it states:
an ajax request will check to see if any tags are included in the title, if they are then they automatically get added to the tags list
That means you have to have tags already in place for it to choose from? Whereas the original poster (and myself ;) ) are looking for something that will take words from the thread title and create new tags from them.

Although, thinking about it, it may be better to have your own list of specific tags? I'm not sure.
Yeah, good point. That happened to me on vb, I had a tag list of thousands of tags, 95% of them pointless and irrelevant. Thanks. :)
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