Add-on Auto Hide Reported / Flagged Posts By Multiple Members


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On my forums I have a mod / addon that hides a post if reported by x unique members.

It is a LIFESAVER! We have it set so that any 3 different members that report the same post, that post automatically becomes hidden for a moderator to review.

Sure there is potential for abuse, but like most features that's always a possibility. In our cases, the definite pros of having this feature outweigh the potential cons, especially when porn spammers get on the forum in the middle of the night and no moderators are on to remove the content.

In our communities we've only seen potential abuse once, and we moderated those few people and told them if we find they area abusing the feature they will bet banned. That took care of the problem really quick.

My other forum software doesn't support "hidden" posts or "held for moderation" posts, so the text of the post is replaced by a message like "This post is being held for moderation". I guess in xF this isn't necessary since xF supports hidden posts?

The main option in plugin: "How many unique member reports before the post is held for moderation?"

I don't expect this to be added to the core, but I thought it might be a great addon. Heck I'd even be willing to pay to have the addon made, or contribute to it's development depending on the final cost.


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I converted my first forum over to xF and I quickly saw an increase in spam attempts. I had a bunch of members report the spam and it would have been great if it was automatically hidden from view.

Is there a way for me to edit the title of this thread to make it clear that I'm willing to pay for this addon?


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Oooh, that would be a cool option where the ability to flag / hide posts was given to specific user groups or specific users. I'm guessing that adds a lot of complexity, so maybe that would be good in version 2? :)


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I really miss this mod:

Even though we have a ton of great anti-spam features in place and a great moderation team, there are cases where it would be great to have posts automatically pushed into the moderation queue if x different members report / flag the same post.

I'm willing to pay for this mod if anyone is interested in developing it!


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Just thought I'd let you know that I've made this. I just want to add one more feature (alert the user that their post has been put in the moderation queue) before releasing it.


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Slightly different though, I have post ratings add-on and prefer this implementation where is uses the report functionality and not just disliking a post.
Fair enough. I simply hide the report button using css, and use a post ratings button called inappropriate to hide the posts. Both are great addons.