Hide certain forums from new posts by default


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We have a few forums that some of our members love to post in, but covers a topic that most new members don’t care about. Is there a way to hide these threads from the new posts search just for some members and not all? (I know there is a per forum option to hide the entire forum from new posts for everyone.)

It would be nice to default new members to have specific forums hidden, but allow them to manually enable those forums to show up in new posts if the subject interests them.

Is there another way to do this I might not realize? If not, this feature would make a nice add-on. :)
Permissions and options do not extend to thread level.

You could probably do it with a template edit and conditional statement, utilising the thread IDs in an array, but that would be a bit hacky and could result in some weirdness with pagination etc. once those threads are filtered out.
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