Add-on Auction Script Needed - $1000


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I need a auction script for xenforo

Please contact me via conversations if your interested

my budget is $1000 thanks


ragtek and his team?:D

ragtek is alone/now with robbo but i hope that i can leave xenforo soon (once the migration to is finished, all users and add-ons were imported successful and everything runs as it should...i'm no bad guy, so i'm still here and trying my best to finish it and not leave everything to robbo^^)
since weeks i'm canceling/deleting most of the conversations i'm receiving for custom work...
xenforo (experience and code) is great, but i don't have any live boards anymore and it's not something i can recommend & use ATM for my customers/clients, so have to move... (but we're getting offtopic, so b2t:D )