Add-on Auction Addon Possible Modification of the Raffles addon


New member
Looking for a auctions addon for xenforo.

I would really like a modified version of the raffles addon or a new addon with some of the features of the raffle addon.

Only staff or certain user groups will need the ability to create a auction.
We will be using our credit system as the form of payment.
Users will not be allowed to bid unless the have enough credits to cover the bid.

When adding a auction we need to be able to add the following.

Starting Bid
Bid Increments
Ending Date
Ending Time

I would like auctions to be visable via the sidebar of the website just like the raffles addon.

When a user wins an auction it will mark the auction closed and will be visable via the auctions archive page where users can see who won the auction and for how much and it will give me the ability to PM the winner or to create a announcment thread just like the raffles addon.