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Hey, after relentlessly learning how to work Xenforo I have finally made my site.
It is called "Auction Realms" the site aims to be user friendly and mainly be a place where people can sell, buy, or trade their gaming accounts. The site is mostly done but i was thinking of putting a chat box on the front page to make it more immersive for the users, i dont know if i should because i have seen some negative feed back on that but please tell me if i should or shouldn't below. Anything beside that you can also put below, tell me what you like or dont like about it and more.

Judge Away :)

Im going to advertise soon just want to see what you guys think of it.

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It's a nice clean looking forum and easy on the eye. My only constructive suggestion would be to reduce the number of forums you have; it seems as though you are creating a forum for each game - you would soon have a mile long forum if you intend to create a new forum for each game. Why not break the games down into their respective genres; action, shooter, RPG, etc, and then create a thread for game titles under the hood of one of those. It would reduce the size of the forum list and make it easier to find a game under a specific genre. Other than that, good luck.

Your forum home page is way too long. The list of forum blocks are too high (too much white space), and your tweet block in the footer should be either removed or set to display 1 tweet as it currently causes far too much empty black space.
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