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DawnFire Realms - RP Community (MC)

Discussion in 'Forum Showcase and Critiques' started by Tai Coromandel, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. About

    The website hosts a small 'mature' role-playing community, based in a realistic dark fantasy world inspired by the lore of Fall from Heaven II (popular fantasy Civilization 4 mod). The lore is adapted for the popular sandbox video game Minecraft. DFR has been around online in various forms, almost 2 years ago we decided to move from enjin (a basic clan site host) to XenForo. We moved to IPB at some point, and just recently moved back to XenForo.

    We aim for a mature player base, however, we've been more of a training ground for younger RP users.

    Our site design is a modified version of @DragonByte Tech's Dragonbyte MMO for 1.1.2, updated for 1.4 using @Audentio's UI.X theme framework. I've been working on the design for the past few days, it's been fairly easy to get the skin in working order, thanks to UI.X.

    Lore Book

    The site features an online interactive book of the entire Fall from Heaven Lore Compendium, Second Edition, compiled by loocas.

    Live Map

    A real-time minecraft dynamic in-browser map, much like Google Maps for the real world, is available to view the in-game world(s). The map has a variety of features to aid players, such as claimed town areas and shops.

    Webstore (WIP)

    We have an online store, users can purchase ranks which give access to new classes, pets and other permissions not made available to regular users. The store helps to pay for all the server bills (although it rarely covers all costs). The store is a WIP progress, still need to style the store to fit the dark website theme.


    Feedback and suggestions are welcome, please feel free to point out any issues with the site. I'm sure there are still a few minor (as well as major) issues here and there.
  2. Optic

    Optic Well-Known Member

    Your forum theme looks very nice and atmospheric.

    However I found the "all caps" Alegreya SC font to be disorienting. The font itself is aesthetically pleasing, but it just feels out of place when you scroll down to the forum posts which are in Arial font.


    Also your RSS icon is missing on your node list. Consider hiding it altogether or adding an image for it?
  3. Thanks!

    Hmm yea, I'm unsure on what to do about that.

    I missed that, just decided to remove it altogether.
  4. Zehtuka

    Zehtuka Member

    Great design and it seems to fit very well with the overall style behind your community, it is impressive to say the least.

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