XF 1.2 Attachments with external links turn into attachment-link


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I was looking for a solution in the forum but couldn't find it.
Probably it's something related to permissions, I checked Guests permissions are can't find a reason for this problem.

The problem:
I attach an image, add a link and get this code:
A logged in user get the same code and, if he clicks the attachment, goes to the link.
But, a non-registered user see the following:
<a href="http://site.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://site.com/data/attachments/29/29123-bbf60dc00eab2662678815360b355949.jpg" alt="attachment-alt" class="bbCodeImage"></a>
If the non-registered user clicks on the attachment, he gets an error message saying "You must be logged in to do that".

The example is here:

If you need it I can provide a test user.
Thanks for your help!


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Can non-registered users download & view attachments?

If not, unregistered users are given a thumbnail view with a link to the full view, which is a permissions denied -- hence the system. The other a link is not utilized if you look at the source.


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That's the first thing I checked, but probably I miss something.
I just found one option to give unregistered users permissions to view attachments under "Forum Permissions" (it's in Spanish: Ver adjuntos = View attachments):
Is there any other place where I should allow permissions?
Thanks @Jeremy


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No... but I looked for a way to do it and can't find how.
How can I analyze permissions from unregistered users?
The tool ask for a username, tryed some alternatives but none worked.