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Bit confused here. Getting ready to cross over from phpBB 3.x to XF 2.01 via XF 1.5.16a tomorrow. My tech dude is a member of the public Forums here, and I added his member name as my Associated Forum User 24 hours ago. He tells me he can't get access to the customer resources, or log in to customer forums because it's asking him for the email address and password I used when I bought the license. Since I'm in Thailand and he's in Greece, this is a bit of a pain.

What am I missing here?

David Bourke
Thanks, Brogan. I'll assume this means his own credentials that he used to join here as a public forum member. 'Cos he was very specific. I quote: "

I can't find how I have access
to the installers and everything, when I go to the customers page it
needs an e-mail and password, the ones we used when we purchased the
product says, which are not the same as the ones I used for the
forum...Can you send me the resources url so I can have access to the
files myself?"

David Bourke.