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Good people please advise. My seo articles on my forum were appearing perfectly until of late. Then all of a sudden the codes started to appear in the articles, they all look messed up. Now the articles look like this:


H[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1]Forex Trading - a few simple forex trading tec[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2niques... for beginners[/H[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1]

[H[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2][[[heading=4eading=3eading=1. Breakout trading[/H[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2]

[COLOR=rgb(7[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1, 85, [[[heading=4eading=3eading=1[[[heading=4eading=3eading=19)]Forex Trading. Breakout trading is one of t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e simplest forex trading styles, making it a good c[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2oice for beginners. Before we look at [[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2ow it works, let's define t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e term "breakout".
Put simply, a "breakout" is any price movement outside a defined support or resistance area. Breakouts can occur w[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2en prices increase above resistance areas, known as "bullis[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2" breakout patterns. T[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2ey can also [[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2appen w[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2en prices decrease below support areas, known as "bearis[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2" breakout patterns.
T[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e reason breakout trading is an important strategy is because breakouts often represent t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e start of increased market volatility. By waiting for a break in a price level, we can use volatility to our advantage by joining a new trend as it begins.

Breakout trading

Wit[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2 breakout trades, t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e goal is to enter t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e market w[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2en t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e price makes a breakout move and t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2en continue to ride t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e trade until volatility dies down.
[COLOR=rgb(7[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1, 85, [[[heading=4eading=3eading=1[[[heading=4eading=3eading=19)]But w[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2en, exactly, s[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2ould you enter t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e market?
Some forex pros advise diving in t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e moment a support or resistance level is breac[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2ed. Ot[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2ers suggest waiting just long enoug[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2 to ensure t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2at t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e breakout does in fact signal a true up or downtrend.
W[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2en placing your stop loss, place it just above or below t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e breakout candle, at a minimum. T[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2is will [[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2elp tie your bets to previous support or resistance levels.[/COLOR]

[H[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2][[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2. Moving average crossover[/H[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2]
Moving average (MA) is a simple tec[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2nical analysis tool t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2at smoot[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2s out price data by creating a constantly updated average price. T[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2at average can be taken over different periods of time – anyt[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2ing from [[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=20 minutes, to t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2ree days, to [[heading=4eading=30 weeks or any ot[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2er time period a trader c[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2ooses.
[COLOR=rgb(7[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1, 85, [[[heading=4eading=3eading=1[[[heading=4eading=3eading=19)]Moving average strategies are very popular and can be tailored to any time frame, suiting bot[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2 long-term investors and s[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2ort-term traders.
A common reason to create a moving average is to identify trend direction, as well as determining support and resistance levels.
W[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2en asset prices cross over t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2eir moving averages, it often generates a trading signal for tec[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2nical traders. For example, a trader mig[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2t sell w[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2en a price bounces off or crosses t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e MA from above – in order to close below t[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2e moving average.

simple moving average c[[[[heading=4eading=3eading=1eading=2art (top) & calculation (bottom)

Simple price crossovers[/H


what could've happened and how can the articles be made to go back to as they originally were?

Thank you all


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Have you run any database queries recently?

It looks like whatever you have done has changed certain words or characters, such as heading or H and messed them up.

You will likely need to restore from a a backup or get someone to craft some very specific regex type queries to fix it.