Article Forum Symmetrical Grid Layout

Article Forum Symmetrical Grid Layout


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Anybody here implemented the Equal Grid - Fixed Footer?
May I take a look on your install?

It's somewhat broken on Safari Browser MacOS based on my testing.


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Brogan updated Article Forum Symmetrical Grid Layout with a new update entry:

Configuring the layout for 2 or 3 articles per row

This modification is courtesy of @BassMan

The core code is the same as for the Equal Grid - Fixed Footer layout in the main resource:

Add the following code before it:
.p-body-main:not(.p-body-main--withSidebar) .block--previews .block-body
    grid-template-columns: repeat(2, 1fr);
    grid-template-areas: "a a" "b_1 b_2" "b_3 b_4";

That will...

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I love this but the one issue I have is that the existing spacing on the articles page is undone (not super familiar with this stuff lol) so a specific graphic of my style covers the previous article, making it basically invisible. Luckily, I used a test version of my theme to try this so it didn't affect the live version.