April Fools for Forums

We have a lot of code work to wrap up and we need to do some system updates later tonight..... So we decided not to add any extra code.

Rather what I did today was using 2 add-on's I made an announcement

We would like to welcome our new staff member, YOU*

* add-on changed the YOU part with whoevers name was viewing the thread.

2nd part of this was we made everyone an Administrator (title only of course).

So not so big as last year or the years in the past.
I wouldn't ask if I could find it. Read your own signature please :)

I don't know how to do it only once for a user.
It's a little more complicated than it's probably worth... we are already intercepting outbound clicks for unrelated purposes, so we really already had a system we could add that too fairly easily. Adding the whole intercepting of clicks just for harlem shake definitely not worth it.
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