XF 2.1 Approval queue improvements, Admin options UI tweaks, Guest page caching and more!

Welcome to the fifth in our "Have you seen...?" series for XF 2.1. In case you've not yet seen the previous entries, (why not?!) you can check them out here.

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Kids these days are too young to remember when that video was current and too young to remember when rick rolling was current :D:cry: @Brogan

Not surprised at all. Kids from Germany aren't even allowed to watch it these days! :ROFLMAO:


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S Thomas

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I think if you've let your approval queue get that out of hand (which isn't at all the designed use case) then regardless of what we implement you're going to struggle.

Even if there was a "Select All" you'd still need to do it page by page which at 50 per page is over 300 pages.

If it's full of users, you can use Batch update users to sort those out, at least.
Thanks for the answer, Chris. Honestly, I wasn't referring to that number, but to the suggestion itself. It's actually more like that we put first posts from new users into approval queue. Usually they are all fine after using the spam cleaner to cleanup the spam. But that's a manual task, so it stacks up mostly after weekends which leaves us with more manual work.
Even without that, we get quite frequently reports from users who are new to the report system and are looking for help. Educating them would be best case, but yea, new users..
Both cases are repetitive and I don't believe that they are niche either. It's really annoying as a moderator.

Batch updates are only available to admins AFAIK and not to moderators - however, this is a common task for moderators. Right?


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This takes into account the selected language and style, if you have multiple, and handles things like ensuring the correct CSRF (security) token is applied.
@Chris D : what about whether visitor visits from mobile / not.

Does "full page caching" feature create different cache of same URL from visitor using mobile or not mobile?

Chris D

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Nope. Rejection is preferred as it keeps an ongoing history which prevents the reuse of usernames, email addresses and IP addresses that would otherwise be removed when a user is deleted.

You can hard delete rejected users through batch update users though.


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Could there be an option to not show the user that their post or thread is awaiting approval?
I did a few template edits with conditions to only show admins and mods the message/icon.

I find it much better to catch trolls and spammers when they don't know that their post is not live yet.


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Quick access to option groups in the Admin CP

In addition to this nice visual tweak, we felt that sometimes option groups were something that needed to be accessed fairly frequently across different tasks in the Admin CP.


There was some speculation about what the "cog" icon next to search might have been for. And although it isn't exciting as some of you might have been hoping for, it is definitely useful. Clicking it will show you all option groups:

localhost_21x_admin.php_users_search&last_user_id=6 (1).png

This is how it look on iPhone 7+/safari, the title are warped and doesn’t look nice. I think making the window width larger and allow two columns will fix the problem.



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Currently no. Though obviously this new addition means creating an addon to do so is quite a bit simpler now, or would make for a great suggestion if it can be added to the core to leverage the web server level caches.

Hi, any additional information about this?
Are there any docs/information on how to setup guest cache?


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When serving a guest page, by default, we will record the correct "session activity" record to maintain your online user counts as before, though for users after more speed, this can be disabled. With this disabled, depending on your exact configuration, no database connection may be necessary to serve a cached page.
Are thread views still counted with guest page caching enabled?

Really excited to use this feature when I switch over to 2.1. :D


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When I was still on vBulletin 4.2.5, I had an addon installed that checked duplicate accounts, by cookie and by IP address and suggested, based on these two data, to prohibit multiple registration. At the moment, I have to do it manually. Yesterday I blocked an account with 5 accounts on one SP address, a person registers again and thanks him that he comes from the same IP address because of his stupidity, otherwise he will never be found later. I would like to know whether such a function will appear?