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Career Opportunities - Apantic
Position(s): Up to (2x) PHP developers and (2x) designers for XenForo development

Apantic produces high quality software (add-ons and styles for XenForo, primarily), focused on providing excellent customer experience, quality add-ons backed with helpful support. Apantic's products have had huge successes with high customer satisfaction and prompt, helpful support.

Apantic is searching to find qualified PHP developers and designers with passion to develop and design on some of our amazing products and expand the line of products we offer. We are looking for people that are or display potential to become valued staff, throughout their work, commitment and dedication throughout activities.

Apantic primarily looks for already experienced users, however users confident with their skills to an extent, experienced in PHP but not yet in XenForo also qualify to apply for the position. We would love to provide you with an opportunity to increase your skills while working for us!

In day to day activities, you will be working on developing new and existing products offered by Apantic, offering support to licensed customers and collaborating on new ideas. Apantic's work scheme is fair and allows you to work in your own time, on your own days. We don't ask you to work a specific amount of hours, but we do have a quota for contributions to Apantic products, so our hours aren't crazy and are flexible with your daily life, we don't want your job to become a burden.

For clarification, Apantic will also review applicants who already have published, paid XenForo add-ons/styles (as we expect that), and also applicants currently working with another company, inside or outside of the XenForo community. During your time at Apantic, we ask that employees do not work at competing companies. You are, however, free to publish add-ons individually.

Additionally, you will be asked to be familiar with git. Git is a widely used VCS which allows you to sync your work with Apantic's servers, easing team collaboration which is essential in a team working from points all over the world.

Apantic staff will, of course, be offered free products alongside a fair pay scheme (which is proportionate, currently) and also hours appropriate for your daily life, welcoming university students, full time workers, and so on.

If you are interested in more information or wish to join the team, please contact us. We look forward to having you on board!
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We do have a few candidates currently interested and are pursuing conversation. If any other individuals wish to contact us about joining, we'd love to hear from you.

Just to reiterate, a developer/designer role at Apantic is not necessarily full time, it will be a part time role, though you are free to invest more hours into work if you wish to do so.


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A lot of months later, we will be looking to hire developers in preparation for XenForo 2. If you have experience with PHP, HTML and CSS and are confident in making XenForo add-ons, Apantic may be an excellent opportunity to work in a growing team creating revolutionary technologies to extend beyond forums.