RM 1.0 Anyone working on a "importer" for threads to resources?


Alright I'll be honest I was expecting some sort of way to link my existing threads into resources. I was wondering if anyone is working on such a thing since I got over 20 GBs of attachments on my site and to be frankly honest, it'll take me years to do it one by one.

Of course I only read the FAQ after buying it lol.

Is it possible to automatically add content from existing forum threads?
No, resources must be added manually.

Can existing threads be converted into resources?
No, resources must be added manually.


So ya, pretty much was wondering if there's anyone working on it or not?

I think the OP wants to automatically import existing threads into resources, without having to manually create the resources.

Edit: There is no importer and it would be difficult to create a generic one which handled all cases - you will most likely need to commission a custom importer.
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