Any recommended hosting services

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good hosting provider that gives good performance and would be suitable for this software if I were to buy it ?

any assistance would be appreciated.

many thanks

Thanks Arty, much appreciated.

It's a minefield out there and I've already fell foul of it once. I am better equipped and informed what I am looking for this time around in terms of reliability and performance. I'll look at your link.


I'm open to suggestion really. I'm no millionaire but would be happy to pay for the right hosting.

I go on the premise that you only get what you pay for.

I can take advice on anything recommended in order to get a balanced view.

I have a few questions that need answered on the software so I'm in no immediate rush. I'm happy to have a look around at any suggestions.

Thanks for your reply and any further help that may be offered,


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