Any Outlook users around?


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Hi guys,

Just switched to Office Outlook 2013 (program) from Thunderbird and I am wondering, how can I get a shared inbox (as found on iPad/iPhone) where I can check all my mail in one inbox rather than checking each separate email's inbox?


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Have they actually enabled IMAP yet? I had a test account and at the time IMAP wasnt provided. Still crap compared to Gmail sadly.


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Yes, just use for the incoming mail server, if it's a gmail address for example.

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Set up all accounts to deliver to the same data file.

I do exactly the same.
I was doing that too. I believe you can also set up a "search folder" that pulls unread messages or just messages from other folders but it may be a touch slower. It just depends on how you want to sort and divy stuff.


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Wrong direction !

All email in one inbox ? I think the default Outlook setup does that.
In 2007 it does.
True, but I need to be able to copy and paste from Word. This is the only reason. Thunderbird is the best ever mail program.

Windows live mail has the central inbox by default.