Issue with user around deleted thread and alleged defamation


Current having issue with a user. Have run a medium size forum for well over a decade and have had to deal with all sorts, however this is a first. FWIW moved to xf2 about a year ago and am based in the UK.

To summarise.
  • User A had dealt with User B elsewhere.
  • User A posted some negative comments about User B. Some arguably factual, some personal.
  • A few other users piled on with comments
  • The thread sat for a few days
  • User B responded.
  • User B setup a shill account and returned some abuse.
  • Removed the thread with it having been brought to my attention.
Since this point User B has now emailed a number of times and each time has made a few demands including a phone call, apology, details for User B and has threatened both police and legal action.

Responded to the first email and advised the thread was removed and that is the end of the matter.

My understanding is User B has no come back and have done everything I need to. Should I do anything other than keep a record of any further email / communication? If anyone can point to UK centric resources outlining legal requirements that would be a useful read.
I'm US-based, but I would not provide private or personal information about any user to any other user unless ordered to do so by a court.

You did the right thing by removing the thread.

I don't think there's anything else you need to do but I would definitely ban someone for the shill account thing or trying to get me to do something by threatening legal action.

Note: not a laywer, not legal advice
. . . User B has now . . . made a few demands including . . . details for User B

I assume your second reference is meant to be User A.

In any event, the standard XF Terms and Rules say this about thread deletion:

"We [meaning your forum] may remove or modify any Content submitted at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice." So you did this, as you are contractually entitled to do.

Your XF Privacy Policy should say something to the effect that you will use user information only for certain specified limited reasons and not distributed otherwise. For example, this forum's Privacy Policy, presumably drafted in compliance with UK law, says: "XenForo Limited will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your explicit permission or are required by law to do so." If your Privacy Policy says something to this effect, you have complied with it by not disclosing information about A to B.

My non-UK lawyer observations.
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