Add-on Any options for Auto Tagging of threads?


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Are there any options to automatically tag threads from either the thread title, or thread title AND content?

Would love this if it exists?
Oh Shelley, I need to talk to you for a favour to ask. Converse with me please? :D

Feel free to start one up.

I have that one, I can't seem to get it to auto tag. I've set the option to 'auto tag all tags' and tried 'auto tag thread tags only'. Threads just don't seem to get auto tagged. Any clues?

TBH I've never used this add-on so unsure whether there is an option for auto-tagging. You are probably best asking the author of the add-on or maybe post in resources requests for such an add-on though I suspect auto tagging will be an add-on you are going to have to pay to be developed if xentag doesn't have the feature your requiring.
Cheers Shelley. I've asked in the resource thread for XenTag to see if it can actually do it. Thanks for your help. :)
Yes that's what I've had selected on a couple of occasions and it doesn't seem to be working for me. Think I missed some code edits during installation? (I didn't do any at all, just upload the files and XML).
I think I've figured out what that feature is. It links wording in your posts (all posts, first post, etc) to tags you've already made, automatically. But doesn't actually tag threads automatically. It's pretty cool. I think I've over-done it though my threads look like they belong to a seriously money-hungry skimlinks forum, where the adverts just go to tag pages. :/

I'll keep looking, or end up paying a developer I think.
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