More options for attachment mirroring


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first i want to say how happy we are to see this functionality is a huge step for gallery integration...great stuff.

however we have one concern which for us is a major one which could actually prevent upgrading for us.

how i understand as things are built now, we will have an option to assign each forum to a category.
this is a good default/fallback for casual topics/members, but it really needs to go farther to cover more practical scenarios...

it should be easy to imagine for an image heavy topic...for members to wish some photos to go in one place and some in another....this needs to be as easy as possible even for the sake of a well organized gallery...

what we really wish to see:

--selection option for category placement preference of loose sorted photos (possibly selected from admincp pre-approved options, full list could be ok tho)
--option to begin new album or place in existing albums(potentially in different categories) for photos not wanted to be in the large loose sort category lvl.

i imagine something similar to the uploading prompt in the gallery to begin with, just cloned over to the attachment upload area... somehow....if desired......perhaps some sort of checkbox or something for "advanced gallery options" or such.

this was honestly one of our biggest disappointments coming into xenforo initially....having 250k gallery images and 250k attachments all separated....of course doing the rebuild we are going to have some large loose sort piles in categories, but moving forward, we want images to be able to be actual sectioned and easier to browse, search, reference etc...

it can be easy and automatic all in one simple intuitive process if this can be figured out and worked in...

any major obstacles to this?

chances of it happening??

one vote???

its because i talk so much isnt it ;P

i really hope and please can this get worked in.....for any site other than a casual attachment here or there, really, members need to be able to easily sort and place their content.....somewhere it makes sense and is easy to search...without having to do a lap around the outside of the house first....

i suppose even for casual sites can benefit however, it seems really hard and limiting to try to force all forum images into one category...they just arent going to all fit properly you know?

this would be a great measure to help us compete properly with social really feels like a radical idea that got dropped off in the incomplete zone....hoping it will be picked back up and completed...

ok bye bye for now...happy new year please and thank you
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