Any Gleeks here?

awwww, poor show. I was only kidding with the 'shot in the dark... are you gay', comment; I didn't actually mean it (for it to be edited). I'm sorry Josh, I meant no harm, you seem like a pretty cool guy. Was ment to be more an effeminate 'haha' humor, than offensive.


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I watched it regularly until it went up against Lost in the time slot, and now that Lost is over I'll be watching it again. I was hoping they'd get John Barrowman for a guest spot this season, but I never heard any more about it so I guess they didn't. And I hope Mike O'Malley wins the Emmy because I've loved him for years but he's always been so underrated. Until Glee.
Love Glee and especially Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). The show got much better after the silly fake pregnancy plot finally was put to rest. It seems the producers mid-way through the first season realized that they actually had a hit on their hands and started taking the writing a bit more seriously.