XF 1.5 Anti-Virus Warning From Embedded Image with Image Proxy

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One of my site's moderators pointed out that a specific thread gets a pop-up message from his Anti-Virus software. This thread has a few embedded images. I'm using the image proxy set-up. We've identified two images in the thread that seem to trigger the anti-virus warning.

1. Any idea why it shows this warning?
2. This looks purely external, no evidence my site is infected, correct?
3. Shouldn't the image proxy prevent this sort of content flagging?
4. Why is it flagging this content?

Any ideas?


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That is almost certainly a false positive. The image proxy can only return an image, so I don't see any reason it could have some malicious payload (unless it was trying to exploit some browser image renderer bug, but I'm not aware of anything like that happening for a while and it seems very unlikely).
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