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  1. eva2000

    Lack of interest Better way to notify users that proxied image is too large

    When you enable image proxying via proxy.php and use embeds a image larger than max image proxy size, the image just ends up serving the default broken image proxy image. There is no indication to the end user that the image they tried to embed via IMG bbcode stage is too large. Maybe if the...
  2. DeltaHF

    Fixed Image Proxy's broken image placeholders should include "no-cache" Cache Control HTTP headers

    When a broken image is posted and processed by the XenForo image proxy, a "missing-image.png" file is shown in its place. This "missing-image.png" is not served with the optimal Cache-Control HTTP headers. For visitors using proxy servers (or website owners using caching services like...
  3. developr

    XF 2.0 Proxy image cache refresh

    I have a question... I set the image cache lifetime to 0 (unlimited) and the image cache refresh to 7 days. What will happen when the source image is deleted or moved? Will XF keep the old record or will XF delete it from cache (against cache lifetime)?
  4. Bread

    Fixed Image Proxy: File is too large

    Hello, I haven't been able to get the image proxy system working at all since I updated a copy of my live site to the latest beta 4. When I test I get this. Every single image on the site running through the proxy has a placeholder image with the red X. We also get no error in PHP and the...
  5. Martok

    XF 1.5 Image proxy issues

    Today I noticed that one member's signature was showing a placeholder. I checked the image URL and it is correct but is the http version. Initially I thought that was the issue as we are now https and I recalled an issue with this with XenForo a while back but that seems to have been fixed with...
  6. Alpha1

    Not a bug Image Proxy is messed up by 301 redirects

    We imported Photopost Pro and vbalbums to XFMG. Posts with links to such images should be redirected to XFMG. But the image proxy messes up the urls. The old URL: /photopost/data/500/sarsala.jpg Is 301 redirected to the new URL: /media/sarpa-salpa-fish.8705/full But the proxy creates this mess...
  7. Live Free

    XF 1.5 Anti-Virus Warning From Embedded Image with Image Proxy

    One of my site's moderators pointed out that a specific thread gets a pop-up message from his Anti-Virus software. This thread has a few embedded images. I'm using the image proxy set-up. We've identified two images in the thread that seem to trigger the anti-virus warning. 1. Any idea why it...
  8. karll

    XF 1.5 Enabling SSL / HTTPS: what to do about existing hot-linked images?

    I'm planning to enable SSL on my forum, which means hot-linked images in old threads will cause problems (if the URL is "http", if I understand correctly). What can I do about these existing hot-linked images? I haven't been using the Image Proxy feature until just now. Can I somehow make the...
  9. enivid

    XF 1.5 Is There a Way to Make Image Proxy to Follow 301 Redirects?

    I have image proxy enabled in my forum. When adding images through URLs that do 301 redirects, it shows a broken image icon. When testing the URL via Test Image Proxy tool, it gives the following output <URL> could not be fetched or is not a valid image. The specific error message was: Received...
  10. eva2000

    Lack of interest untrustedHttpClient if unable to connect to proxy, auto disable IMG embed

    For Xenforo 1.5.6+ config.php option $config['untrustedHttpClient'] if it's enabled and configured to run through a http/https proxy, would be nice to have Xenforo feature to auto disable IMG bbcode embedding of 3rd party images if Xenforo can't detect if the http/https proxy defined in...
  11. jflory7

    XF 1.5 Cannot embed images on SSL image proxy - "could not open temp file"

    Hello, I recently moved machines that my XenForo community was hosted on, and I have it running on a RHEL 7 box. I noticed recently that whenever I try to embed images in forum posts, I always get the missing-image image instead of what the picture I actually want (despite it showing properly...
  12. Abracadaniel

    XF 1.4 Configure proxy to hide Image Proxy's backend origin IP

    Hey there, I wonder if it's possible to configure some http or socks5 proxy for Image Proxy system? In `/library/Zend/Http/Client/Adapter/Proxy.php` I see this block: class Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Proxy extends Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Socket { /** * Parameters array * *...
  13. eva2000

    Removing .php extension from proxy.php images ?

    Sort of related to Suggestion: For Xenforo default image proxy url to be customised without the .php extension i.e. /proxy/ instead of /proxy.php similar to Digitalpoint's proxy...
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