Anti-Virus integration


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To identify viruses and trojans anti-virus software is a necessity. It would be very useful if XenForo would integrate with popular anti-virus for servers. Optimally it would work like this:

Attachments should be scanned on upload.
Rebuild caches would have a scanner function
Crons could have a scanner function.
Infected files get quarantined
Forum Content gets moderated states with a clear warning for staff why.
Setting to moderate or soft/hard delete content.
Moderators should be alerted about infected attachments. This allows them to quickly discover infected content.


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This has nothing to do with Xenforo. This has to be done server side. Just install clamav.
If someone is trying to upload a infected file on my server it's rejected or quarantined.


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Server side scanning is only part of the process.
Antivirus including ClamAV will also identify infected files years after upload. Anti-Virus can only alert, delete or quarantine the files, but the latter 2 options leaves your board with content that has missing files. This needs to be cleaned up on the front end. And there may be an issue with malicious users uploading malware. In which case the members need to be reviewed and dealt with.


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We are currently using bd attachments to store our attachment files on cheap Digital Ocean Spaces. It cannot run applications like anti-virus as there is no OS to install on. Its file hosting only. Anti-virus scanning needs to be done from application side.