Another win for the XF community


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LOL, at least the guy tells it like it actually is, hard to believe that anyone could still hang on over there though, I see some die hards on the vB forums still to this day.


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Its so strange how xF was so fresh and came at a perfect time. It starts with each of us and we all felt the exact same thing. Anyone that sees it in action is throwing their hats in the ring. Its so far ahead of vB in only months. Its unreal how good the future looks right now with xF for us.

My new xF project members loooove it. I cant wait to convert my 50,000 member vB site to it once we get a member photo gallery since I have to convert everyones albums over with their accounts.


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Wow... that is HUGE news. Quite frankly, David is a pleasure to deal with at ForumMonkeys and his skins are easily amongst the best on the planet. with XF getting closer to a full gold status, it seems the rolling stone is starting to gather moss at a very impressive rate. This is great news.


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This is really great. So pleasing to see solid support from commercial suppliers with such proven integrity.


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i reckon we should have a list of those kinds of posts.
it would be useful to direct people to...
that would be pretty cool.