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Ryan Kent

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I am seeking an add-on which allows visitors to view table data from a databse. A few examples of what I am seeking:

https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/weapon/ancient/- from the "Lineage 2 Items Database" menu the sections like Weapons, Armor, Recipes, NPC/Monsters will be needed. I am guessing an add-on has already been created but, if not, I may need one custom made.

Other similar sites:



Does anyone know is such an add-on already exists?

If not, before I try to have one developed, I would like to know if anyone has seen such an add-on for another platform which can be modified to work on XF
If you find an XF site that has those abilities.. sometimes it is worthwhile to simply ask the admin. Frequently many of those add-ons are actual be-spoke ones.. so if you want similar ability, you have to engage an outside developer. You MAY be able to engage the same one that did it for the site.. but frequently, many of those type ad-dons are "one-offs" and specific to the customer.
Looks like possibly a roster addon or bespoke. I'm not on web so can't inspect source but you can usually figure it out by checking the source.
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