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Baby, Child, Mother Platform Establishment Date: 07-June-2017. It is a Social Sharing Platform where parents share all issues about Babies and Children.

Site Language: English - Turkish

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Bebek, Çocuk, Anne Platformu - Baby, Child, Mother Platform Established: 07-June-2017

# and It is an internet forum sharing website.

# Bebek, Çocuk, Anne Platformu - Baby, Child, Mother Platform : Baby, Premature Baby, Test Tube Baby (IVF), Birth, Child where all topics are shared to support parents about their It is a social networking platform.

After this introduction;
I can say this. I have been on the Internet since 1995. First I was stuck on irc servers. Then I became interested in web mastering. And I started becoming a webmaster with simple coding. Then I turned to open source ready-made scripts. I built sites for myself from software such as mybb, smf, wordpress, phpbb. 12-13 sites and they've all grown a lot. It has become quite famous on the Internet. People began to come in droves. I put so much effort into it. All hacked. I lost my 12-13 sites. All those years and effort wasted. An enemy of Turkey terrorist organization hacked all my sites. I'm so sorry, I'm mad at life. One of my friend's vbulletin forum caught my attention, while I was examining the forum, they hacked my friend's forum as well.
Then I stayed away from the web and webmastering for many years.

Until I had a baby, after I had a baby, I thought; why not build a baby community where people can benefit. And finally
came to life. When I installed it, I installed it with mybb. Later in my reviews, I saw that mysql errors still persisted. xenforo caught my attention and all hecker sites system was xenforo. I claim xenforo is the most secure web software in the world. I bought a xenforo license and migrated the doll community to xenforo myself. That day is today. Bebek Community was exposed to thousands of attacks and is still standing tall... They could not do anything with the attack. They were showered with DDos attacks. Again nothing happened.

I think the best thing I've done for the Baby Community is to switch from mybb to xenforo. After that, from;

Was getting this theme.

@Osman and @XDinc
thanks friends

xenforo license next to xentr theme and next to it Spaminator

@Ozzy47 and @Max Taxable

thanks friends.... The spaminator was such a magician that advertising bots were coming from all over the world and sending 3000 spam messages to the Baby Community every day. They no longer exist.

In addition, captcha or mail verification is not required for registration in Bebek Community. Thanks to the spaminator.


Baby Community as the cover; home page I am using Themehause Featured plugin. However, finally, Themehause officials have announced that they will not support xenforo. Should I replace this plugin with Xenporta? @ThemeHouse @Jaxel
As far as I know, Xenporta has unlimited support for xenforo and continues. Support will continue in the future.
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