Does Change in Forum Titles Cause Seo Problems Due to Misuse?

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Users make mistakes all the time. Since the forum language is both English and Turkish, native English speakers and Turkish speakers write messages in the forum that they should not write in the Turkish section or in the English section, so I found the last resort by changing the Forum Titles as follows. My guess is they won't make mistakes after that.

Bebek - BabyBebekler Hakkında Her Şey - Everything About Babies​

Bebek [Turkish-Türkçe]

Bebekler Hakkında Herşey [Lütfen Sadece Türkçe Paylaşım Yapınız]
Konular 438 Mesajlar 687
Bebek Anneler burun temizliği konusunda yardımlarını bekliyorum

Soru Sorun [Turkish-Türkçe]

Soru Sorun [Lütfen Sadece Türkçe Paylaşım Yapınız]
Sorular 35 Mesajlar 162
Soru ? Kaç tane emzik almayı öneririsiniz ?

Baby [English-İNGİLİZCE]

All About Babies [Please Share Only in English]
Konular 215 Mesajlar 222
Baby Fever and Fever Reduction Method in Babies

Ask question [English-İNGİLİZCE]

Ask question [Please Share Only in English]
Sorular 3 Mesajlar 4

Is there any harm in such a structuring in terms of SEO?