XF 2.0 Another favicon ?


I am using "realfavicon" plugin for various favicon placements and all is working fine with my website with placement on browsers and devices. I am trying to get just my forum to be placed on devices home screen using a custom pic/favicon. My forum directory is public_html/community...

I tried adding favicon and apple-touch-icon.png in main community directory but still no luck. On iphone I get a pic of Xen frontpage and on android i get Xens "D" avatar pic...Any tips? what am I missing?

Don't think it is a caching issue as of now been trying this over time and think i ma doing somethng rong or naming pic wrong. TY


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You generally need to add these paths into the HTML code (within the <head> tag) on your site, particularly if you're XF install isn't in the root directory. You want to look at the PAGE_CONTAINER template.


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The default images are in this folder path:


Though if you change those, you have to delete them from any subsequent upgrade package before uploading.


I did add the path via styles&templates right before the </head>. I bailed out and deleted it and now I keep seeing custom changes in PAGE_PAGE changes (see pic). Is this something I did? It’s also there after I upgraded from candidate one to two.

Everything else checks out. Just double checking the custom changes. Or is this part of the upgrade...TY



OK don't know what I did but used the merge and it worked. I am guessing I have to learn where child theme is for custom changes :)

I'll learn my way around more and bail on this topic for now, TY all....