XF 2.0 Annoying characters

How we can get rid of this thing? One of our users just posted this on our forum. Well he used a "Sandbox" place for testing new XF2 engine so i can't blame him. Anyway this is a bit game-breaker which could get nasty one day...

Erw poor friendly URLs...

Bellow is one more example. I suppose there is some web-generator for this thing...

EDIT: Firebug breaks it into pieces. I suppose there is some character causing this ... but which one?

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It’s not a bug. It’s just an annoying set of characters that people only post when they’re trying to be annoying or they are testing stuff.

As Mike says, if anyone uses those characters, their posts will be edited or deleted.
Sorry for messing this forum as well, it was not intended (thanks for removing that out from here).

Like i said, that user is OK, he did this in a test section (actually i've asked our members to test things there and report issues).

I don't think this is a XF bug because if you copy/paste that to google search, browser URL field or text-editor (Word, notepad, PSPad, .. etc). All of them will show the same mess...

It is more like some of the characters inside is causing this mess.


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It's excessive use of combining diacritics. These are valid in some languages -- and actually some languages do use multiple legitimately so stripping them out is something we would need to be careful of.
Yop i see, it is not one character but all of them except the normal letters. Typically for Chinese, Japanese, Korean (writing from top to bottom insted LTR/RTL).

Maybe there could be some switch in the XF setup preventing these characters globally? There are specific Unicode character tables (example) so maybe a way how to strip these out could do the trick.

Additionally, OpenType also has valt, vert, vhal, vkna, vkrn, vpal, vrt2, vrtr "feature tags" to define glyphs that can be transformed or adjusted within vertical text, they can be enabled or disabled in CSS3 using font-feature-settings property.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horiz..._Asian_scripts#Vertical_writing_and_computers
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