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So you may be wondering what type of community/forums are Anime Inspirations? What do we focus on?

  • We mainly discuss anime of the slice of life, romance/drama and comedy genres that is our primary focus, of course, we have forums for all anime as well. Therefore, if you like to discuss certain types of anime and find yourself overwhelmed with a community that tries to discuss ALL anime, this is the perfect fit for you.
  • During a given anime season, we discuss the current inspirational anime titles that are airing. For Winter 2014, it is primarily Golden Time, Nisekoi, Silver Spoon Season Two and Chuunibyou demo Koi ga ****ai Ren.

  • Community Projects that revolve around specific anime titles. This may involve graphics, write-ups, screenshot assignments and more. In addition, we plan to have a "Featured Anime title of the month". With this project, our community (as a whole) watches or re-watches a given anime title (already released).
  • Contests and Promotions for our members. Win real anime prizes (or gift certificates).
  • Integrated Shoutbox - When you type in the shoutbox, your forum handle and avatar automatically populate. No need to create an account on another service
  • Dedicated admin that is open, responsive, dedicated and willing to listen to the community for feedback and suggestions.

Contests / Promotions

We have two ongoing promotions for new members:

First 15 members to register receive "Founding Member" privileges.

These members are granted the ability to browse the forums ad-free (forever, regardless of any other additions or changes). In addition, as an added perk, they receive a unique banner signifying their status.

Be remembered as one of the first members at our forum!

Win a $ 10 Dollar Right Stuf Gift Card!

To thank members for joining our new community, we are offering a limited time promotion! We will randomly award a RightStuf $10 Dollar gift certificate to a user among the community when our registered member counts reach 10, 20 and 30 respectively.

You have three chances to win!

Not redeemable for cash. Must be a registered forum member to qualify. Winner is chosen from the pool of registered members when we reach our target milestone (10/20/30). "User" is based on IP-address duplicate ip-addresses will be disqualified.

Register at our forums!

Alternatively, you can register via google+, twitter or facebook. This simplifies an already easy process and allows you to automatically import your name and avatar from those networks.

Useful FAQ Links:
This page should answer most of your questions. It answers "What is inspirational anime?", details our affiliate system among others.

Thanks for the support of everyone at Xenforo. Wishing everyone the best and a belated Happy New Year!
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Love the colors & images. For some reason however, it took almost 50-60 seconds to load. I checked my connection to be certain but at 2:24pm eastern time your site was slow to load just about every page. Made it so I couldn't really browse around =/
Hmm, are you sure? I don't have a CDN so that could be an issue depending on where you live. I noticed there are small hiccups sometimes.
Most likely due to my lack of a CDN as mentioned. Welcome by the way. Thanks for joining and for your insight on the forums.


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It may have been a minor hiccup during that hour. I have tested it again today & the load time seems fair now. =)
I just wanted to keep everyone afloat on the changes to our site. (Sorry for broken images above, can't update).

At long last, is finally integrated with our forums here on Xenforo. This will hopefully be the last major revision that this site will face. I am personally very happy with the changes, and am looking forward to the future of our community as a whole.

For those just joining us, will take you to the home of our forums. We are welcoming new members with open arms. Please keep in mind that we are running the following promotions at the moment.

Current Promotions

  • First 15 members gain founding member privileges (Ads disabled forever and banner rank) : More info here (5 spots remaining for this promotion)
  • 20/30 Members Milestone (Gift card of your choosing awarded to a member of the community, raffle drawing) more info here
  • February is White Album Month: Contribute for a chance to win a $ 10 Gift Card of your choosing

New Media Section

We have a brand section of our site where we will host media from inspirational anime. This primarily includes op/ed songs and a scene selection of sorts highlighting moments from our favorite anime. This will be updated on a regular basis and we will accept user submission (in the future) once everything is worked out.


  • Every file is encoded in HTML5 format, so it should ensure playback across all phones/browsers
  • ED/OP from anime in our inspirational anime list
  • Scene Selection (coming soon/first is scenes from White Album 1)
  • User Submission (something that I have to work on to enable it to run smoothly)
Any comments, or suggestions let me know. Also, if you run into any bugs, notify me so I can attempt to fix them.

I have a wiki system in the works, but that will also take some time to implement properly. Besides that, I am really liking how things turned out so far, and I am quite excited for the future that this site holds.


I will post the official thread momentarily, but for now, thanks to community vote, we will be watching the complete first season of White Album (all 26 episodes).

Remember that participating in this contest will give you a shot of a $10 Dollar Gift Card (of your choosing) so don't be shy and jump in!

What is Anime of the Month?

Anime of the Month is where we, as a community, will watch/rewatch one select inspirational anime title. Members are encouraged to take an optimistic approach to the title chosen, as if it they were watching it for the first time. You can contribute in a variety of ways to this project, and all contributors will be entering in the drawing for a $10 Dollar Gift Card of their choosing (Amazon, Apple/iTunes/Google Play, PayPal etc). This will be a monthly thing, and a huge basis of the forum's overall presence and movement personifying exactly what this community is about. It gives us that extra incentive (myself included) to go back and re-watch those anime titles we haven't seen in awhile.

You are encouraged to watch the anime at your own pace, but remember to use spoiler tags around anything that could be considered a spoiler. In the actual thread, feel free to discuss the anime as well. We will be uploading scenes that stand out to us to our media library, so you can watch them later at your convenience.

Thanks everyone for the support so far.
Hey Xenforo Community, we managed to put our a podcast that goes into greater detail about what our site is about. It also provides a preview for the anime that will be releasing in the Summer 2014 season.

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