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Anime Inspirations - Anime Community - Any feedback is welcome

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Basically, I am a novice web developer who has been working on this site of mine for around 2 years, give or take. Started out on blogger, bought a domain name, was on wordpress for awhile, and now I am firmly planted at Xenforo. I have have had the "greatest" success on Xenforo, but things never really took off. My site is focused on quite a small niche, so that is one thing. Though, getting the highest amount of traffic isn't my goal. Creating a tightly knit community, where everyone knows each other is more my calling. I am just that kind of admin. Fortunately, I have had a handful of community leaders that have stuck with me--I would be no where today without them. They motivated me to keep the site going despite the struggles with traffic and new members. Ultimately, my site is a niche within a niche (automatically low traffic) but that is fine by me. I do my own thing pretty much, and have my own goals for the site.

Website name: Anime Inspirations
URL: http://animeinspirations.com/forums/

About: An anime/fansite/forum/wiki type of deal that focuses on a specific niche within anime. Namely, slice of life, drama and romance titles. There are some comedy shows as well, but the focus is on "inspirational content". Check out some of our site if you have time.

We are holding an event this weekend that's apart of our "Anime of the Month" event. Specifically it will be a "live viewing" which is sort of like a livestream, but not quite. Check it out if you have time. Event will be held here.


I would also appreciate any site critiques. In the future, I would like to focus on enhancing and enriching the article/blog content on the site, but for now, I am still in the advertising phase. It's a slow process, but I don't regret any of it. Any other comments on the design/appearance and functionality are welcome. Though, fine-tweaking my design has been a headache through and through. I still say that content (and offering things that other sites don't) will go farther than a pretty looking site. It's easy to get caught up in how things look (much like finding a soulmate lol), ultimately overlooking other priorities.
Your forum would benefit greatly from use of a decent CDN like Cloudfront or Akamai as you have lots of tiny images loading on every page.

Good work on the design. Wish you all the best :)
Not open for further replies.