XF 1.3 Android Upload: No pic is showing

Hello community,

on my new xenForo 1.3 installation, I can't upload pictures from my Samsung Galaxy SII to the board.

If I try so in the quick reply field there's no pic showing. No error is reported, the pic is simply not there, seems as if no upload has happened (excuse my bad English).

If I open the full reply box or create a new topic, and try to upload, the script forwards me to a site and I get this android message (translated from German):

"Connection error: network error occured"

Then I click [OK] button:

"webite not available
The website on http://www.domain.de/threads/picture-test-thread.23712/add-reply is possibly deactivated or has been moved to a new address..."

I can click the link then and the xenForo reappears with message:

"yourboard.de - Error

This action is only available in a topic. Please use the "back"-Button in your browser and try it again"

Uploading pictures is really necessary for my board. I don't have another phone to test to see if it is a problem of my Galaxy SII.

If anyone wants to test: hottelino.de / tester / test123

Btw, I've got the same problem with my phone e.g. on the German site xendach.de, where I can't upload pictures.

Thanks for helping me!