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Implemented  An option to remove the Home in the navigation bar and breadcrumb


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Personally I would like to keep it a template edit. Either a site is, or is not, going to have a need to eliminate the Home button. In addition, some might want the Forums tab to be removed and home goes to the forums page. So that would be 3 different things to code/account for in the admin cp.


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You'll get a like from me. This is something I keep "missclicking" on this forum because I'm always using the button at the far left to go to the "Home of the forums", essentially the forum index.


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Support this. Some sites have the first page like a single-page which we don't really need to include in navigation. Hope this will arrive in the Stable release.

Digital Doctor

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This idea was essentially [Implemented]

Removal of Home Tab/Link

If you do not enter a home URL in the options, the "Home" tab and link in the bread crumb will no longer appear.​