An article system, features listed in post.


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I would like an article system with the following features.

1. I would like it to be the front page of my forum.
2. I would like to promote the first post in a thread to an article on the front page.
3. I would like posts in the thread to appear as comments on the front page and would like comments on the front page to appear in the tread.
4. I want permissions so that only admins can promote an article.
5. I want to be able to control the order the articles are displayed in.
6. I would like it to allow me to set the articles up as double column of articles.
7. I want categories or an index of some kind that would allow the users to only have articles show inside of that category if they select one, other wise they are in the order I select.


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Jon has said elsewhere that he must have all those features.
Ah, okay! :) But #5 seems pretty straightforward (though it would probably require something on Jaxel's end), the two column layout (#6) is probably do-able with some template modifications.


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We are all very hopeful of CMF but jonsidney remains interested in other options too until CMF proves itself in the real world.


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I am getting a custom solution made. This might end up being more efficient for me. I don't need some of the features many others think is important and I want some things that others do not want. I hope it ends up being only the features I use and none of the features I don't use. :)