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Hey Guys,
So I run a website with a PHP membership script called aMember along with XenForo.

aMember has a plugin that integrates it with XenForo, however there is no way to merge existing databases without making a mess of things. Another words, since XenForo has thousands of threads and members already aMember can't integrate with it without resetting everything back to zero, or even worse fudging up tons of existing forum accounts.

I'd like a "merge" script that does the following:
Step 1: Check aMember Database & XenForo Database for identical emails (not case sensitive).
Step 2: Accounts that exist in both systems with the same e-mail should have the username and password copied from XenForo's database to aMember so they are identical. Generating new passwords would also be acceptable. (Basically, keep the XenForo account names so the forum usernames remain the same).
Step 3: Accounts with e-mails in the aMember database but not in XenForo should be added to the XenForo database as new forum users, using the aMember username and password.
Step 4: Accounts with e-mails in XenForo but not in aMember should be added to the aMember database using the same username and password as XenForo.

I need the work done soon, willing to pay well for the work via PayPal.


Yep, I was able to hire a company to write PHP script to merge the databases.

Came up with a pretty slick solution for displaying aMember and the forum together using iFrames, it was tons of work but the result has been amazing.


It's been great! I've used it for 3 years now and it's been one of the most versatile membership systems I've ever seen.

The plugin system turns out to be invaluable, you can merge the aMember system with many forum solutions and wordpress as you've mentioned. But the biggest advantage is being able to choose between several dozen different payment processors. You can even vary the payment processor depending on the product. You can have a free product, one that goes through, and another that goes through Paypal. The whole setup is genius, and the implementation is well thought out and as simple as you could hope for.

You can even setup monthly subscription products or regular products that provide a lifetime subscription from a single purchase.

I also use it for my weekly mail outs since it has such a robust newsletter system built in, even auto responders can be done if that is your ball game.

I could write a small book on all the things aMember does for me and has the ability to do if I need it to. It's just so damn flexible.

If you need a solid solution for any kind of membership based website, aMember is probably the best.

edit: link for anyone who is interested:
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