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Integrate amember form in to template

Hi all,

I have posted this on the amember forum but hoping someone here may be able to shed some light.

I have been attempting to integrate the amember login form in to one of the templates provided in Xenforo for a few days now using the Amember Lite API, with no avail.

I have been using the following code

<?phpinclude "/home/usrad/public_html/amember/library/Am/Lite.php";
echo Am_Lite::getInstance()->renderLoginForm(); ?>

<?phpinclude '/home/usrad/public_html/amember/library/Am/Lite.php';
echo Am_Lite::getInstance()->renderLoginForm(); ?>
When using this in the Xenforo template it doesn't work and just displays the text 'renderLoginForm(); ?>'. After a bit more research I realized that Xenforo requires a tag called 'xen:callback' to operate php commands within a template, so I proceeded to give this a go without any avail.

I then tried to create a new template in Xenforo and use the xen:include tag to include the template, which again just the echoed text.

I'm not great with php so not sure if 'echoing' is the right command to use however I decided to paste the aforementioned snippet of code in to a blank php file and upload it to the server, this worked instantly and showed the amember form.

Is there anything obvious I have been missing? Am I meant to put the include above the HTML? (If so would this then load on every page?)

EDITED TO ADD: The Amember API is referred to here
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One last try on this, I understand not everyone uses amember but wonder if there is something obvious I'm missing with regards to the PHP?