Amazon HTML links?

Does anyone know how to link an Amazon affiliate link? Specifically, when you are an Amazon affiliate, you can "link to this page" (ie: say a Blu-ray) and their HTML link includes your affiliate code along with a graphic of the item. When I paste the highlighted HTML code it doesn't display the graphic like we were used to with other s/w.


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Moved to the correct forum for support.

You will need to associate your license to post in the customer forums.


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Good stuff.

Can you paste the code here you are currently using?
If it's HTML then you will need an add-on to allow HTML in posts, or create a custom BB Code.

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Ah yes, that may also be an option:

I don't use the Amazon affiliates program so I can't vouch for any of the options.

I have been making almost as much as I do with adsense since I implemented this option. It is a great non intrusive way to advertise relevant products to your users... the nice thing about this is that any amazon link posted by any user gets your affiliate tag assigned to it, so your users can essentially advertise for you!