ALWAYS Save a Site Backup To Your Computer!


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Example, I have a dedicated server with my own host name, I could resell server space if I wanted and run my own hosting service. It would be based on WiredTree's servers but I would be the host not WiredTree.


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I don't buy it.
DDOS attacks don't take out servers. They certainly dont take out servers and backup servers.

Either they were rooted and someone got nasty - or - they weren't backing things up properly.

If they can't get your data, you'd be smart to change Hosts.
See some of these stories about how hackers take out servers from banks and even stole 1.5 million Facebook accounts.

steven s

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I wonder if some of us who have reseller accounts should reciprocate with others to host backups?
That way backups could be a cron job.


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I have a cheap playing VPS in Germany ... it went down yesterday for about 4 hours, I submitted a ticket ..and their excuse was DDOS attack :rolleyes:

I didn't lose Data though ... NordicVPS. Really cheap cheap .. good for my experiments . nothing else


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Peggy, what I find interesting is that your host is a reseller for WiredTree.
I asked them about this, and this is the reply -

Hi Peggy,

In regards to these servers, they are not resold or a reseller from WiredTree. We simply purchase and co-locate our servers in their data center because we have been with them for such a long period of time. The servers are ours, and are not resold by another party to us. We happen to have a cluster of hardware servers (roughly five) all connected within the same series of racks to allow us easier control over each machine. When one of the servers was taken down on Thursday by this attack, it happened to have a reverse effect on each one. Unfortunately, this is an issue that only affected our specific set. All-in-all, it is a mess that we intend on resolving by whatever means possible.

Chris Martin


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Sorry to hear that Peggy - good luck with trying to get back up and running again.



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I believe him when he says it's a mess .. but there is no such thing as reverse effect.:mad: This is not psychology for God'sake ..

I think they burned the house down .. that's the only way to wipe a whole rack of hard drives... you guys be patient .. and look for a new home .. a little more but you will have peace of mind


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Peggy's situation is a little better ... because she can just copy/paste from google cache .. (no users to import ...)


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I see lots of stuff on google cache.
I wonder if there are tools to "extract everything on google cache from my site".

Here are some ideas:
Thanks I've been going through google cache and getting as much as I can. My site wasn't all that big, so I can do it manually.
What will take the most work is reconstructing the blog theme. ugh.