ALWAYS Save a Site Backup To Your Computer!


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Oh oh my full back up is 3.1 gb. I am only downloading the databases for now.
By the way if anyone's interested, there's a 10 gb online backup solution from Rackspace for $5/month.
Another solution is that whenever I work on something for my website, I copy the work to my external backup drive so I can use them later whenever I wish. Yea, a secure external hard-drive is a must in my opinion.


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After battling with it for hours last night, I brought the PC into the workshop today and found it was a faulty memory module that has caused all the problems.

Since some of the key data is now trashed I've decided to go for a fresh install - with a bit of minimising along the way (quite a few GBs worth ... ;)).

... and much as the wife appreciates how important it is for me to have the office PC up and running and that I need to spend a good deal of time getting it reinstalled etc., it still doesn't get me out of doing the ironing. It's tough at the top eh!! :D