Almost there!


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After spending a few days testing Xenforo and IPB, I think I finally settled upon Xenforo.
I have a community with 10.000 registered members, running on a MyBB installation, and I have talked with Jake for the custom conversion.
Now, I really like Xenforo, however I have a question and a suggestion (for the Xenforo devs)
Question: I have a few forums in which I would like to enable moderation for the new threads only (not the following posts) . Can this be done without using any plugin!? (please do not say use the User Groups permissions instead of thread moderation!!)

Suggestion: Please work on the Xenforo ACP, it looks cool however most of the functions are hidden or aren't built in, we need more control over the forum permissions. I really think that you need to make the ACP more intuitive, and with more features (similar to IPB)......

Thank you! If I'll have any other questions... I'll ask... :)


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No, its an all or nothing moderation per forum.

If you have specific suggestions, you should post them in the appropriate support forums.