XF 1.5 Allowing usergroups access to mod queue

Tim Jay

Active member
I'm trying to create a usergroup that can have access to: http://forum/moderation-queue/

The goal was to have a group that could assist our moderators with content in the queue. They would be able to approve or delete queued threads, possibly take care of reports, and approve users.

Looks like users have to be added as moderators first to get any access to any of this.

I didn't really want these users to be mods other than the limited powers which consist of access to the mod queue.

Anyone think this is possible without making users full moderators.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Your goal is at odds with your requirements.

You want users to perform moderator functions but without giving them the role of moderators. This isn't possible.

It is possible to give users additional permissions to perform actions on content, but the moderator queue is strictly a moderator function.

You certainly would have to make them moderators, what rights that gives them though is configurable with permissions.

Approving users is a function only available in the Admin CP, so for them to do that you would also need to make them Administrators (unless you have an add-on that moves that functionality to the front end).