Implemented Allow users to change thread title x-seconds after posting thread


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I'm definitely up for a way to edit a thread's title.

Scratch that, I've realised it is possible to edit a thread's title. (Thread Tools > Edit Thread, doh! See screenshot if you still haven't found it, a5med)


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Thread Titles are VERY important in Xenforo.
Especially because Follow up posts DON'T have a Title ! (probably a good idea, as most don't use the title area in follow up posts).
However, it does make Thread Titles important.
I think xenforo members would be much more likely to improve their titles vs. abuse them.

Here is a good before and after.
Brogan graciously changed it.

Note: Good titles = good search = good forum = less wasted time of members.

steven s

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Maybe there are plans in the future for the addon section, but I would find it very useful for when someone updates their addon/mod that they can also update the version number in the subject.

I did find very useful in that respect.
Especially the ability to see what mods I downloaded and at a glance to see if they have been updated since the last time I downloaded them.

But for now, I'd really would like if addon coders had the ability to change their subject title.

Carry on.


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Right now,normal members can't edit the thread titles they create and only moderate can do this.
Please have a permission or option to enable it.Thanks.


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Personally, I'm all for this to be an option in the core but if it doesn't make it, I know an add-on can be used to provide this functionality.

The following add-on will do as you desire (at least, for now... maybe): LGBThreadRenamer.

Kane Hart

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Holy crap I'm on a ball of missing features today hehe. This is already causing a stir on my forums. We have a lot of people working on projects and such that need to be able to edit the topic title.


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As a mod or admin, you could change the thread title, but not as a regular user.

So, good to see that the option is comin'! :)


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lol, I knew you would say that ^^

But for me and surely other customers, it's important.
Are you keeping up to speed, you do know tomorrow is the 7th (Court hearing in the US)
As was said "more pressing matters to attend to"


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I could not believe xenforo doesn't have this option! I've just imported and my users are really mad about this because I have one spesific forum which needs this option badly. Please make this a priority!


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members do change mind, seconds after submitting their post.
they realized title is incorrect..

so a Thread Title permissions setting must be set
just like edit message permissions where there is
am option to set how many hours/minutes the user
can edit his title.

i hope its available in next upgrade.


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Merged with an earlier suggestion.

Please do a search in both suggestion forums before submitting new ones as the chances are there is already a thread for it.


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thanks brogan...

i hope this is really available in the next release of update.

for members to edit their title same style option permissions with message edit