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XF 1.4 Change thread title x-seconds after posting thread?


Well-known member
I'm sorry for the dumb question about this feature that seems already implemented here
Guess I should have something like this in my permissions isn't it? (screenshoot of certain addon in RM):

I must be blind :confused:, where is that option in 1.4.4? I'm tired of searching and can not find it on my permission list, I just have this:

Where is the permission to control change the title threads after x minutes?


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The time limit for editing titles is controlled by the editing posts time limit.
Thanks for your reply.
That's the "problem" because I would like that my users can edit their own posts without limit of time
just only control the time to Change thread titles after posting.
I guess I can't do that right?


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I mean, I want they can change their own messages whenever they want.
but If someone post a thread, just have the "opportunity" to edit the tittle within 5-10 minutes only.