Allow users to edit discussion(thread) title after posting


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I want to Allow users to edit discussion(thread) title after posting. I tried a lot but couldn't find this option in ACP :(

I'm really sorry for asking small small things but I'm newbie and still in learning curve :(


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Ohh and I searched ACP for almost 10 minutes before posting question here :( ... This indeed is very important feature :( ... Do u have an ETA for 1.2.. I checked thread replies and saw that July 2013, maybe the earliest period.... So i need to wait for one more month to see this feature live :(
The only people who can give ETAs for releases are Kier and Mike. They haven't given one yet, so we will just have to wait and see. They could release it tomorrow, they could release it in July. Depends on how satisfied they are with the release.