Allow uploading a new version of an image


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I agree with this suggestion.

If you consider photographs as a form of documentation or reference material - it can be useful to update an existing photo rather than simply adding a new one. On ZooChat this would be especially useful as we build a resource showing important features of zoos around the world.

Think of the functionality contained within Resource Manager for keeping track of resource updates - we basically need the same functionality for photos.


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With images, though, they are uploaded to your server, so ordinarily there'd be no particular reason for this to need to be changed. What would be your reason for wanting to implement this for photos?
I can give my strong reason :p.

In my forum, I display certain trends which need to be updated every fortnightly. To achieve this, I usually replace the existing images with new ones in every 2 weeks. The problem is, every time I do this, the links change and I need to correct all the references to those trends inside posts.

So, having the ability to keep the links same can save me substantial efforts on this front.


The site I work on has to do with tracking local crime. The media gallery is used to store and display mugshots. Some of these people get arrested often and I need a way to keep their mugshot up-to-date. Arrest info in the comments works great. I don't want a bunch of mugshots, only the most recent. Being able to replace/update the image, and searchable custom data fields, would make this software perfect IMO. As it is now, it's a problem.
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