Implemented Allow , select all on thread or post moderation.


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I love the new 1.4 Moderation choices in search for members posts and thread. it comes up with a nice list with check boxes.
However when a persons post, or thread all must be deleted a ( select all ) would save time checking each box, it would be useful when removing all posts or all thread of a users you are banning or deleting.

With this one small option the moderation would be perfect, the added boxes are great had it taken the next step it would have helped in member removals which can be time consuming especially if members are around along time this would be a huge time saver.

Chris D

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There is already a Select All button. You have to click one checkbox, and Select All appears in the inline moderation box. This behaviour is identical to moderating the thread / post list:



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I must have missed that on the Video they made. My apologies, well then it is perfect .

Thank you Chris for the help.