Lack of interest Allow multiple social sharing of a thread or post/message

Lone Wolf

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XenForo's out of the box social integration is a big selling point for most of us because we have also established a presence on services like Facebook, Twitter, G+1, etc.

I was wondering if the 'share a thread/post' features could be changed so that (in the popup) a user could select several services and then enter one short message (same limit as twitter) which will then share that thread/post to all the different social media.

All it would require is either..

1) A backend change where a user who has the correct permissions can specify which services to include in the ACP and then whenever that user/usergroup clicks on a social link they just type in the message and press send/share.

2) the popup window remains the same with the only exception being little tick boxes specifying which services to share on. There could also be an option in the ACP to set certain services as default.

It would really help me keep on top of all the social media associated with my site and I'm sure it would do the same for others.

Luke B

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I've been looking for something like this as well. Is their any kind of add-on available for something like this? Profile posts should also be included as well.