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Confirmed All mulitiquotes removed when you just remove one.

Affected version

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
Originally i was not going to post this as a bug, because it isn't happening here.
Then I found it is happening on many other xf2 forums (not just mine ) e.g. @MattW and @Liam W

  • Make two or more multiquote selections
  • Click on Insert Quotes
  • In the list of quotes, click on Remove for one of the quotes

All quotes are removed and the box closes

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Over the last few days I've tried several times to reproduce this, and I haven't been able to at all.

Not sure if it could be specific to a particular browser / version. Is it something that can be reproduced on other sites consistently or only sometimes? When it doesn't work correctly, is there any pattern to the quotes? Quotes from the same users? Different users? Same thread? etc.