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Thats a lot of forums to start a new site with. It is easier to add, than to take away.
I made the site after the unexpected closure of ALIEN HUB, a well-known site dedicated to the alien-ufo topic. Many of the members have already joined other sites, but I'm trying to provide a familiar environment for those who are still out there. We had these many forums on our former home, so I figured better to have it ready now than to have to start moving threads around later )))
Hey, guys! With the recent Pentagon diclosure of UFO programmes :eek:, I expect to be flooded with people wanting to talk about the subject :D Anyways, I added new, coloured icons. What do you think? :)
Hey guys, I'm thinking of changing or modifying my logo. I'm looking for some feedback. I happen to like my current one "Babble Babe," but I'm told it gives my site a sort of shady night joint vibe lol. Anyways, I had some logos made by fiverr. What do you think? Should I keep mine, or replace it with one of these?

I also like the 3rd one. I would like to keep babble babe, but make it look more professional. I don't know. Maybe dress her up a little bit? Add the cool fonts from the 3rd logo? I need ideas )))


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Definitely don't choose the 1st one you posted earlier. They say you should never have ".com" in your logo, as it is redundant.

Is there a reason the "i" is lowercase in your current logo?
Someone privately suggested to close the gap between the logo and the letters. An awesome idea! Looks much better. Thank you!

We finally upgraded Alien Babble to XF2. For the forum skin, I decided to go with Omni by Pixel Exit, which is, IMO, one the most visually stunning dark styles available. We also added a home page. To do all this work, I hired the superb @Pixel Exit team. I gave them a rough idea of what I wanted along with a few images, and they delivered a fantastic forum very in tune to the topics we address. @Russ is, as many of you already know, a wonderful person to work with and his pricing is very competitive. I highly recommend him for your styles and design needs.

We also love chat by @Siropu so much, that we gave it its own page. Our forum mascot, "Space Babe," was drawn by Brett Parson, a very accomplished artist and super-cool dude. The black hole gif was made by Dr. Hung-Yi Pu over at Perimeter Institute based on the hot-spot animation by Broderick and Loeb . I hope you guys dig AB 2.0 :).

Added XenPorta by @Jaxel, but can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get my twitter feed to show up. I'm getting no support, either, so I just gave up :(